How to Wear Red Lipstick


There are several simple steps to getting those perfect red lips you want.
First, ensure that your lips are smooth and well-conditioned. Use lip conditioner on both the top and the bottom, then wipe it away. You do not want them to be wet when you apply. If your lips are dry or chapped, you may need to exfoliate them first.
Next, use lip liner, but use a cream stick liner to help you blend and control the lipstick. Start with, then fill in the entire lip, which will help the color last a long time and prevent smudging or feathering. Be sure to open your mouth and get in the corners, or the part you miss will be visible when you are talking. Make sure your Streamate profile is well-defined.
Then, choose your lip color. Any deep red color that works well with your skin tone will do. But use a lip brush instead of applying it straight from the tube, since you can be more precise in your application of the Livejasmin color.
Add a gloss if that works well with your lips, or you can leave it with a matte finish. You can use either red or clear gloss. Place it in the center of your lips, then rub them together to smear it. Gloss helps accentuate your passion and give it a fuller look.
Lastly, take a small brush and use some concealer around the outside of the lip line. This jasmin live helps the lips stay well-defined, and will decrease the chances of a fake. This helps your lips really pop. If you made any small mistakes in the earlier steps, the concealer will help correct that. Then blend the concealer out.
How many times have you lusted after the poster girls with red hot lips? Yeah a gazillion times right. Don't worry I have experienced Jasminlive too. If you want juicy lips like Marylyn Monroe's then grab a Diabolique by Guerlain (which sadly isn't available) or something similar.
Do you want to know a quirky fact? Your lipstick may contain carmine which apparently makes the color pop out more. And as per my research the carmine is sometimes made of the insects like beetles. Eeeewwww right!
Yeah we all know by now (thanks to the n number of blogs) that there are three types of red: warm, cool and neutral. And they are reds with pink, orange and brown undertones. You must choose something that is creamy, glides on well and lasts forever. If you want a dramatic make-over, then grab a red lipstick and work it girl!
Find out your jasmincams skin tone, it will be either cool or warm toned. If you are fair, choose a lippie that has more blue undertones like the NARS Lipstick in Red Lizard which is a cult beauty product. And if you are someone with light skin but yellow undertones, take your jasmin cam with a hint of orange. Revlon Colorburst in Coral or Clinique High Impact Lip Color SPF 15 in Sassy Spice would be the best for you.
On medium golden skin tone... you need to choose a true red color may be Ruby woo by MAC. You must have seen jasminelive beauties like Selma Hayek own the whole look with their smoldering hot lips. For medium-olive skin tone you gotta pick the ones with pink undercurrents such as the in Cayenne. Orange-red tends to be the brightest lip color (Sephora Ultra Vinyl Lip Pencil in Coral Glow) in the reds family. And it seems to suit girls with olive skin tones such as Greeks and Italians according to me. If you are a dark skinned babe with warm skin tone like Beyonce's then choose Lipstick Queen Rust Sinner which is a golden. On cooler dark skin tone, a deep cherry red like La Prairie Cellular Luxe Lip Color would look the best.
For all you lucky lasses who fall under the neutral category, you can get away it with almost any shade of red. And no what matter what shade of red your choose to wear, you need to have clean skin and oodles of confidence to wear it. As makeup artist Julie Hewett had said and I quote, "You go, girl. Get your red on!"
How to Wear This Season's Red Lips
Kissable red lips never seem to go out of fashion as US singer Katy Perry confirmed in her risqué summer anthem 'I Kissed a Girl' purring 'Us girls we are so magical,soft skin, red lips so kissable'. Absolutely!
A sweep of red lipstick makes an big impact and has the power to transform an outfit from OK to in seconds! Traffic-stopping red lips are everywhere, particularly during the Christmas party season, and will make you look and feel extra fabulous in that little black dress.
However, most of us are terrified of colouring our lips red and are convinced that we just can't wear. But we can! There is such a variety in red tones and hues, that everyone can wear a red lipstick. However, if you're not sure this is going to be a look that lasts for you, look for brands that are great value for money - you don't want to spend a fortune if you only wear red lips for very specific events. 17 or Rimmel have some fabulous shades and won't break the appearance.
Alternatively, try a brand that offers plenty of choice - No7 make-up, for example, has a great range of lip colours for you to pick from. But first, here are some top tips about what colour is best for you, and how you can wear this fashion must-have, and give the likes of a run for their money! Firstly, choose the right hue. A shade that makes your friend look glamorous can make you look positively ghastly; hence, finding a shade that flatters your skin tone is the factor. For this, ask yourself this simple question: do you have you a 'warm' or a 'cool' complexion? 'Warm' complexions have yellow, olive and darker undertones and tan easier in sun. If that's you, then go for warmer reds with a brown base, such as brick or rusty red. 'Cool' complexions are pale with unndertones and are prone to burning in the sun. Opt for true reds or reds with a pink, plum or blue undertone. A blue-red will also make your teeth look whiter and brighter. Next comes the application, and lip liner is essential if you want to avoid looking like the Joker by the end of the night! As reds have a tendency to bleed, the first step of application should be to line and fill your lips with a lip liner that closely matches your natural lip colour. Then apply the red with a lip brush and lightly blot with a tissue. Alternatively, try softly sweeping some powder across your lips to give the colour some extra staying power and a more matte finish. Some make-up artists even cover lips with foundation or face powder before applying the lipstick, so experiment and see what works best for you. Next, you have to know how to complement your red lips with the rest of your makeup. Since lips make a dramatic statement, it's vital to keep the rest of your face bare. To complete your look, simply groom your brows, add a touch of mascara and finish with a dash of blush. Keep nails neutral unless it's a really special occasion - then, matching red nails will add that extra touch of glamour.